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Great Holiday Gifts for Fashionistas

September 17, 2018 3 min read

Give Boutique Gifts this Year

Oh, the holidays. It’s such a magical time of friends, family, and laughter, and you can’t forget all the good food. Probably one of the best parts is all the shopping you get to do, even if it’s not all totally for yourself. Shopping is shopping, right?

But when you’re browsing for your girlfriend who has it all and then some, this can be an exciting time to dazzle her with fun and unique boutique gifts. From clothing to must-have accessories, you can find it all at everyone’s favorite affordable online boutique, Closet Candy. If you’re looking for the perfect item, look no further because this guide has it all. Sunglasses and sneakers and everything in between—this holiday season you’ll remind her why you’re the best gift giver ever.

An Everyday Bag

An essential for the every day, one of the best Christmas gifts for fashionistas everywhere is definitely going to be a great handbag. The perfect size to carry a phone, some makeup, a notepad, perfume, lip gloss, and maybe a snack or two, a vegan leather saddlebag or oversized tote are a fashion-lover’s favorites. These are designed to go with denim cut offs or a sweet and simple dress. Perfect for toting every day, she’s going to love how versatile, light, and easy to wear this present is.


Just because the temps have cooled down doesn’t mean the sun’s rays go away totally. That’s why another gift favorite is sunglasses. Shop trendy shapes like round or horn rimmed, or keep things classic with aviators and cat eye shaped frames; Closet Candy Boutique has them all to keep your stunning fashionista always on trend. Just like shoes, you can really never have too many pairs of sunglasses.

Stylish Leggings

Once reserved for the gym, this affordable boutique clothing piece is now a must-have staple in every fashionista’s closet. Thanks to the versatility of leggings, you can wear them dressed up or down, all while staying comfy and cute. Your girlfriend is going to love how they pair perfectly with her Nike Airs just as well as they go with her favorite strappy heels. What does a fashion lover adore more than a good sale? A versatile piece of clothing! If you want to see her face light up this holiday season, then you absolutely have to grab some in the basic colors: black, dark blue, and grey.

Gift Cards

What’s better than being able to buy exactly what you want? The answer: nothing. While we would never doubt your impeccable taste—I mean you are here, right?—we do know that, sometimes, it’s just nice to get exactly what you want, in exactly your size, and be perfectly happy with it. The best boutique gifts are sometimes just gift cards for the best online stores. Closet Candy Boutique offers physical and e-gift cards for your most stylish friends. Ranging in value from $25.00 to $150.00, you can buy these in confidence because you know that your friend is going to be able to get exactly what she wants. Include a personal note with the card so she knows just how much you care and how much she means to you.

Cute Sneakers

With athleisure going strong and seemingly not stopping any time soon, athletic wear from tops to sport bras and even shoes are getting a big makeover. No longer are gym clothes subjected to dullness. Affordable boutique clothing like leggings is becoming more and more stylish. Slip-on sneakers with small details give off that laidback, West coast vibe everyone loves. Moreover, they pair perfectly with t-shirt dresses, denim cut offs, or skinnies with distressed ankles. You could even take it a step further and get her a new athletic tank or help pay for her gym membership for a month or two!

The Perfect Moto Jacket

It’s truly one of the world’s wonders how one jacket can be so cute, but we don’t question greatness. Moto jackets are a closet essential. Your friend likely has a black moto jacket, but a tan or rose one is a total standout. She’ll be absolutely stunned and wowed when you reveal this piece to her. The only problem? You’re going to want one for yourself too. If you ask nicely, maybe she’ll let you borrow it.

Only from Closet Candy Boutique

The temperature has cooled down and friends and long distance family are returning to the nest to regroup and recharge after a long year of work and life responsibilities. There’s just something so restorative and wonderful about the holidays. And what makes them even better? Gifts!

Boutique gifts for your favorite trend-setter (and, let’s not lie, for yourself too) are all right here. No matter what her style is, you can find the perfect piece. Shop her favorite fashions and more online today!