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Closet Candy Boutique’s Guide to College Fashion Trends

September 13, 2018 4 min read

Affordable Boutique Trends for Coeds

College is one of the most exciting times of your life. Full of new friends, new challenges, and memories that will last you a lifetime. It’s also a chance to teeter on the line of true adulthood and adolescence. Basically, college is awesome. But, as any girl knows, there’s that age old dilemma of what to wear to college. Suddenly, your clothes from the last four years seem too childish. You deserve to step into college touting the latest boutique trends and retiring your favorite, albeit old, sweater. That’s why we at Closet Candy Boutique have created this handy guide!

Quality Workout Gear

Whether you’re racing off to class or hitting the gym in between trips to the library, cute and quality workout gear is a #1 college must-have. While you may have dressed up for class in high school, there’s something about college courses at 8am that’s totally different. Maybe it’s the late-night study seshes or all those Greek mixers, but whatever it is, it makes you want to dress comfy for class. If you’re wondering what to wear to college classes, athleisure is it! Look for cute cutout-mesh leggings or bold floral prints. Just because you want to look relaxed doesn’t mean you can’t be cute!

Cute Jacket

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to school where it’s warm all year or not, having a cute leather jacket on deck is essential. One of the best boutique trends is the moto jacket. Wear it dressed up to a party or throw it on when you’re meeting your new best friends for lunch in the commissary. It’s so versatile, you’ll wonder how you went 4 years without wearing one. Not only does it look good at brunch and at a mixer, it really takes your tailgating gear up a notch. Like the fashionista you are, you always look totally put together, and this jacket knows how to walk the line between fashion and casual without missing a beat.

Handy Bag

You might have been able to get away with carrying all of your books around in high school but, in college, your schedule can be so sporadic you’ll seriously want to consider a backpack or bag. A cute reversible tote is the perfect option. Thanks to its large size, you can easily fit your laptop for note taking, your bio book, psych textbook, and pens and pencils for tests.

Trendy Shades

Unless you’re going to a small private school, then you’re probably going to be doing a lot of walking outside back and forth across campus. Part of planning on what to wear in college is wearing proper eye gear. The sun can be totally unforgiving, and you’re probably already stressed, so why stress yourself out even more? Trendy shades are great because they keep your eyes protected and can hide your dark circles after those long nights of studying. Plus they can help you avoid any awkward eye contact on the quad. They’re basically a life saver.

Dark Skinnies

Whether you join Greek life or another school sponsored activity or club, you’re going to need some nice clothes. At some point during the week, you may need to trade in your workout gear for some real pants. Ugh, right? The good news is that you don’t have to put on slacks or a ridiculous ball gown. A pair of simple dark-wash skinnies are perfect for Monday night meetings or student council gatherings. They’re casual enough that you don’t feel like you’re playing dress up in your Mom’s clothes and dressy enough that you look put together and trendy.

Party Dress

Dates, end-of-semester parties, and even tailgates often require cute boutique trends, especially party dresses. These dresses are intended to be worn to a multitude of different events where dark skinnies aren’t appropriate and a semi-formal is. You don’t need to don a floor length evening gown but you do want to get comfortable wearing a sweet, fun party dress. You can pair it with a statement necklace or keep things classic with a string of pearls. The best part about a party dress is that you can style it in whatever way matches your personality the best. Definitely don’t leave this one out when you’re deciding on what to wear to college.

Adorable Hat

Let’s be honest, doing your hair every day in college is a pretty lofty goal. In fact, doing your hair is usually reserved for special occasions like Friday and Saturday night mixers. Fortunately, a cute hat can save you on those questionable hair days. Whether it’s been a few days since your last wash or you accidentally fell asleep with wet hair and now your donning a mop, a hat can save your look and get you out the door and on to class in no time. In fact, wearing a hat means a few extra minutes of sleep. Who isn’t into that?

Closet Candy is Your “What to Wear to College” Solution

College is truly a magical and transformative experience. You’ll go in as one person and come out as more assertive, certain, and competent young woman. But this doesn’t mean your love for boutique trends will disappear, which is why we keep our store stocked with the latest fashions for you. Whether you’re wondering what to wear to college classes or just what to wear to college in general, we’ve got you covered.

From multi-functional accessories like tote bags, sunglasses, and hats to the latest fashions, you’ll find it all here. Just remember, have fun with your style and don’t be afraid to try new things!