July 17, 2019 3 min read

It’s no secret that Chris and Chad love Hawaii. It’s kind of like their home away from home and since this was my first time going, I can totally see why they feel this way. I mean from the complimentary rum punch on Hawaiian Airlines to the breathtaking views on the islands, I knew we were in for quite the trip. Since we decided to include Maui in our Hawaiian adventure, we thought it’d be fun to do an epic, well-known road trip. Road to Hana is filled with beautiful views, delicious smoothies, and some hair-raising experiences if you’re up for it. 

While in Maui, we stayed at the Grand Waliea which was about 45 minutes from the start of Road to Hana. Conveniently, we were able to rent a Jeep from the hotel which worked well and made it easy for us to start our journey early in the morning. Below we are sharing the stops we made and a few tips for future adventurers. 

Road To Hana Stops:

STOP 1: Paia Town and Jaws Country Store - First Stop

If you’re looking for surf boards and a place to grab a delicious Acai bowl, this place is it. Jaws Country Story has snacks you can also grab for your road trip, plus restrooms so take advantage of those. 

STOP 2:Twin Falls - Mile Marker #2

This first stop might have been a favorite because it allowed us to get out of the car and hike down to these waterfalls. You can also grab coconut water here (yes, in an actual coconut). 

STOP 3: Huelo Lookout - Between Mile Marker #4 and #5

If you’re feeling a smoothie, coconut candies, and a beautiful view, this is a stop to make. Plus, this little hut is so cute. Parking is very limited so don’t plan to stop here for too long.

STOP 4: Garden of Eden -Mile Marker #10

This stop was truly one of the most lush, floral filled, places to explore along the Road to Hana. You will have to pay to actually get into the park and plan to spend at least an hour wandering, taking in all the sites. There are also plenty of walking trails here.

STOP 5:Nahiku Marketplace: Mile Marker #29

By now, you are probably hungry, but hopefully you brought snacks. We were able to stop at Nahiku for lunch which included chicken, steamed veggies, and rice. We also enjoyed a fresh pineapple. Depending on what time you get there, we’ve heard the tacos are amazing, but they close if they sell out which was the case on the day we visited. At this stop, you can also pick up souvenirs like jewelry made locally. 

STOP 6:Wai’anapanapa State Park: Mile Marker #32

We knew we wanted to make it to this stop before dark so we could enjoy the black sand beach and dip our toes in the ocean. This state park also has walking trails and areas where you can climb for a worth-it view. 

After this stop, we decided to head back because it was starting to rain and get dark. It took us about an hour and a half to get back to the beginning of the Road to Hana, but the drive is breathtaking. 

Road Trip to Hana Tips:

  • Download maps or buy the Road to Hana CD prior to your trip. You won’t have cell service on your drive.
  • Take snacks and water for the ride.
  • Prepare for changes in weather, you are on an island after all. 
  • Rent a Jeep because it’s totally worth it. 
  • Be prepared for narrow bridges and slow speed limits. 
  • Don’t be afraid to pull off and take it all in. 

If you’re headed to Maui, the Road to Hana should definitely be on your list of excursions. Until next time, Hawaii.