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Cute, Cool & Modest: Boutique Clothing We Love For The Summer

July 30, 2018 3 min read

Season after season, stores and runways alike present fashionistas with tiny crop tops and even tinier shorts. If you often find yourself asking, “where’s the rest of it?” when shopping, you’re not alone. Fortunately, modest boutique clothing has been popping up in greater frequency. If you’re tired of too-small clothing, find out how to dress modestly this summer.

What is Modest Fashion?

Everyone’s definition of modest is different. Some people choose to dress modestly because of religious reasons, others do so because they believe in leaving a little something to the imagination, and still more prefer more coverage because it makes them feel comfortable. Of course, it doesn’t matter why you dress modestly.

The most important thing to remember is that you should feel confident in what you’re wearing. There’s no shame in modest boutique clothing. In fact, even big brands like H&M and Zara are wholeheartedly embracing this ever-growing trend. Check out these sweet, fun, and modest styles we think you’ll love.

1. Palazzo Pant

Loose-fitting palazzo pants are nice and breezy! Ranging in colors and fabrics, you can find a pair that matches your personality and style perfectly. Wide legs and a high rise will keep you looking chic and bold without revealing lots of skin. Pair them with strappy heels or wedges and a sleek blouse or tank.

2. Midi Skirts

Love wearing skirts but hate having to pull them down all the time to feel covered up? Say hello to the midi skirt and buh-bye to the mini! Discovering how to dress modestly and stylishly is easy when you have a better understanding of trendy lengths. Right now, the midi skirt is all the rage. Coming just to the center of your calf, you can feel feminine and beautiful while remaining comfortable.


3. Rompers

Rompers are one of the most popular looks in the modest boutique clothing category. They’re great because you can wear them to the family barbecue, to meet the parents, or out to dinner with your best friends. A truly versatile piece to have in your closet arsenal, you can find fun rompers online that match your style easily. Whether you enjoy gorgeous prints or solid colors and silk, cotton, or linen materials, we think this is one ensemble every women should have. Want it even more modest, find a jumpsuit version that will cover your legs or go ahead and slip some tights or leggings on underneath a shorter romper and use a thin cardigan to bring it all together.


4. Dresses

Maxi dresses are still holding strong. Why? Because, just like the romper, they’re totally versatile (and comfortable). Maxis allow you to sport a dress without feeling like the wind is going to pull it up. You can find them in a number of different colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics. Wear them to church, family outings, date nights, or just hanging with the girls. Find tons of cute boutique dressesonline or in-stores to stay cool and stylish this summer.

Shop For Summer 2018

Looking good is all about feeling good. Which is why knowing how to dress modestly and stylishly is so important. If you’re not into tiny tops and even smaller shorts, you’ll be happy to know we carry modest boutique clothing you can feel pretty in.

This summer, Closet Candy is your clothing destination! With new style arrivals daily and sweet deals, you’ll be able to cover up in style. Feel great about what you’re wearing. Shop Closet Candy Boutique today.