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4 Adorable Shoe Styles For Your Bridesmaids

September 05, 2018 3 min read

Boutique Wedding Shoes To Love

With so much emphasis placed on your wedding dress and footwear, it’s no surprise that you might forget to think about what your bridesmaids will wear. While some brides will let their girls choose their ensembles and shoes, it relieves some of the guesswork when you can guide your bridal party to a specific style or color. This way, no one is left being the odd woman out.

Particularly if you’re bridal party will be wearing shorter dresses, it’s not uncommon to want everyone’s shoes to match. Of course, you want your girls to be comfortable. This is going to be a busy and amazing day, and you don’t want sore feet spoiling the mood. These boutique wedding shoes are the perfect, no-brainer solution for your bride tribe.

Strappy Heels

strappy heels

Finding the perfect bridesmaid shoe online can be tricky. Some people have small, thin ankles while others have wider, sturdier ankles. This can pose a problem not only for comfortability but also for shoe style. Fortunately, strappy heels with an adjustable ankle strap make finding the right footwear easy. Open toes and a reasonable heel height mean that this style won’t have your bridesmaids’ feet aching before the ceremony even starts. You can also look for strappy heels that have closed or pointed toes. The best part about this option is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and fabric types. From nude patent leather to navy suede, there’s an almost endless option of unique colors and fabrics for boutique wedding shoes so simple in design.

Sensible Wedges


For many women, their biggest complaint about heels is that they feel as if they’re walking on stilts. When trying to find the right boutique wedding shoes for your bride tribe, you want to pick one that they feel comfortable and safe in. Wedges are great because they’re dressy and give the foot a bit more support. Even better, they can be worn again long after the wedding is over. Your girls will actually want to wear these for date-nights, dinner parties, and even for a girls-day-out.

Cute Sandals

black Sandals

Your wedding doesn’t have to be on a beach to have your bridal party wearing t-strap sandals. Sandals are a cute alternative to heels. In fact, many brides themselves are opting for this look. Why? Because sandals come in so many different styles, they’re easy to dress up, and they’re super comfortable. Sandals easily go from ceremony to reception without skipping a beat. Plus, they are usually slightly cheaper than heels, so they’re pretty budget friendly for everyone in your party. Who doesn’t love saving a little money here and there? Especially on shoes! Just make sure that everyone has their dresses tailored appropriately so that no one is tripping over the bottom of their dress or that the hem is dragging on the ground.

Slip-on Sneakers

slip-on sneakers

For the alternative bride who is more worried about having fun than abiding by traditions, slip-on sneakers are a fun update to typical boutique wedding shoes. Many brides are opting to wear vans, Converse, or another version of easy to wear, comfortable sneaker. Why? Well, these can be worn again and again once the wedding is over. Also, they’re comfy and your party can easily wear them from morning through to the night. This style looks best with long dresses because you can’t see them. Not that you couldn’t wear them with a shorter dress, especially if they match your dress or are your very favorite pair. You can choose slip-on sneakers in a variety of colors, patterns, and prints. Just don’t forget to get a photo op of everyone’s shoes and the hem of their dress.

Say, “I Do” to the Perfect Pair

Your special day is one you’ll remember and cherish forever. Whether you’re having a spring, summer, fall or winter wedding, finding the perfect footwear for your bridal party shouldn’t add a ton of stress. While you may be tempted to leave this task up to the individuals, it’s usually easier to make a type of uniform for the bridal party because it’s one less thing you all have to worry about.

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