June 2022 Mystery Items

Size Guide

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: No returns or exchanges. Something doesn't fit or work out? It might make a great gift, the price is too good!

**Select only one of each individual option to receive all different items in your size ordered.

You will receive 1 brand new item that is not currently on our website and has not even been released yet! Items can can be from any season within the past year. All Items have original value of $29 to $60!

We cannot take any special requests on these orders and will not accept any exchanges or refunds, no exceptions, so please do not order unless you agree to these terms.

Items are brand new. We make no guarantees within your size on how each item may fit. Something didn't fit right or you don't love it? Give it to a friend or donate it, the price is too good to pass up!

Please allow 1 to 5 business days for Processing.