March 10, 2020 2 min read

It's time to shed those winter layers and slip into a swimsuit to hit the beach. Your legs are beyond ready to see the light of day again. 

Here at Closet Candy, we work hard to find a wide variety of styles including our swim collection. Find out below what your swim style says about your personality!

Pom Bikini

This two-piece style is for the flirty, beach bum who loves to enjoy the water and sunshine in the comfort of a cabana. You're the kind of girl that loves poolside service beneath the palm trees. 

One Piece Swimsuit

For the athletic beach girl that loves to get her beach volleyball game on, this is the perfect style for you. You likely value versatility since this can double as a bodysuit and you're excited that you can throw on shorts with this to grab ice cream in town.

Leopard Piece Swimsuit

If your friends would best describe your style as "always on trend," meet your match in this leopard one piece. You're known as the fashion guru of the group and people are constantly coming to you for style advice. You love a bold print, even poolside sipping Mai Tais. 

Neon Swimsuit

For you, a beach or pool day means sipping mimosas in a shaded cabana listening to Lizzo's latest hit with all your friends. You're working on your tan in between your favorite tunes and enjoying every bit of what warm weather season has to offer in this suit

Gingham Swimsuit

You've got your favorite book and are ready to feel the sand beneath your toes for a relaxing beach day. When you're ready for a break, you take a leisurely stroll in this suit right where the water meets the sand. You value peaceful days where you can just be still and disconnect. 

So, which one are you? Maybe you're a mix of a couple which is why your swim collection is filled with variety. Sometimes, it just depends what kind of mood you're in. 

We're wishing you a fun-filled spring and summer that involves a handful of days by the water.