August 28, 2019 3 min read

Last Friday, our office was filled with celebration. With the launch of CBRAND, our exclusive collection designed by Chris, and her birthday extravaganza, it was truly an exciting day at CCB HQ.

Today, we wanted to take them time to give you an inside look at what went into creating a collection with Chris. Check out our Q&A session with her below.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the collection.
A: With CBRAND I wanted to infuse a little more of my personal style and bring pieces in that feel and look like they will last season after season without the designer price tag.

Q: Who is this collection for? Who did you have in mind when you were curating these pieces?
A:  I didn’t have one person or group in mind, instead I looked collectively at what our customers loved each season and I wanted to really give them some special pieces that they would grab all fall long.

Q: Of all the pieces in the CBRAND Collection, do you have a favorite?
A: Definitely my Vegan Leather Jacket. I have a similar one that I paid 4x the price for that was a piece I wore whenever I had the chance. We worked very hard to create a Jacket that gives you that amazing quality and fabric and look and our challenge was to be able to achieve that and keep it under $100! 

Q: Why did you decide it was important to create your own collection?
A: Every year I see things customers love or I love and I wish the fabric was a little bit nicer, the cut a little more flattering, the colors just a little more unique, and I felt it was important to finally just go for it and put all of the ideas I had in to motion.

Q: What's been the most challenging part about designing your own pieces?
A: I don’t have a fashion background, I don’t have formal training, since day 1 I’ve analyzed and figured things out as I went. I knew it was really important to partner with a manufacturer that I trusted and would help me through the process.

Q: Okay now flip that, what's been the most exciting or rewarding part about this process?
A:  Definitely seeing people get excited about the pieces in the collection! I’ve designed items for CCB before but never under my own label and that in itself was pretty exciting!

Q: For anyone that shops the collection, what's your hope for how they will wear CBRAND in their lives?
A: Over the last few years I’ve struggled personally with just feeling good. Crazy right? On the surface my life seems pretty amazing (and it is). But I’ve come to realize unless we love ourselves, nothing else will go our way. So my hope is that every woman that wears an item from CBRAND will look in the mirror, shut down the self doubt and negativity and compliment herself! When everyone else compliments her, it will just be icing on the cake! 

Q: Will we see more CBRAND in the future?
A: Absolutely! We have more pieces coming this season and if the demand is there I’ve already got my spring line dreamed up! 

"CBRAND is a collection of timeless pieces designed with premium fabrics and the perfect fit in mind by our owner Chris. For Chris comfort and quality are equally as important as style and you will find that in each of the pieces she has crafted in her first collection. Her dream is that you find yourself feeling beautiful and confident in these pieces, because a woman that feels good and looks good can change the world around her."
Well, there you have it! Chris is so excited to be able to share this exclusively at Closet Candy and can't wait to see how you rock these styles in your own life. Make sure to tag us @closetcandyboutique and @cbrandclothing on Instagram.